About Us

What makes us your partner in business?

WaterTP is a Dutch company specialised in water technology, based on 20+ years of (practical) knowledge and experience. A company currently working on several international wastewater treatment projects.

Vision & Mission


Having technology work for us, simple, robust, sustainable, socially relevant, cost-effective.


Being your independent and cooperating specialist for projects in water and wastewater treatment. With values such as clarity, inspiration, innovation, integrity and cooperation. We are a company of people for people. 

Communication must be in clear language. Customers must see added value in using water technology as it’s intended.


Helping clients with questions related to water, wastewater and sludge/biomass projects. Some topics of interest:

  • noncompliance issues
  • debottlenecking
  • problem solving
  • operational reliability
  • water savings, water footprint
  • CO2 reduction, carbon footprint
  • mass balance awareness
  • cost reduction
  • budgets/calculations (commercial/financial)
  • supplier selection
  • possibilities for subsidies & grants
  • digital tools

For more information please read our services & products page.

Customer focus

  • Consumers in the (food) industry, and any other company or municipality, where high quality (process) water is of “vital importance” and/or where wastewater must be purified (and reused).
  • Suppliers and engineering firms in the market of (waste)water/sludge solutions, and related services. Specifically those aiming for a flexible project organisation.

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WaterTP is an organisation that executes projects globally, within different cultures, regulations and customs. We are open, direct and honest in our actions and in our business dealings. We will prevent conflicts of interests in any case.


How does WaterTP work? What can you as a customer expect from us?
Always a professional approach tailored to your needs!

A personal introduction will take place. Your questions, ideas, sketches and wishes are discussed. A plan with our added value for your benefits is defined. Where possible and necessary, third parties are involved to provide you with the best possible service. During the execution of the work, we will maintain personal contact with you, and will be at your site enough often to be able to literally stand with our feet in the water and show you that we achieve results for you.

Profile of the entrepreneur

With Rob Timmermans you have an experienced and reliable specialist. Rob has gained his knowledge and experience in the commercial world (of water treatment suppliers as well as end users of it). Whether it concerns clean water, wastewater or sludge. He knows the water world from inside out.

Rob graduated as environmental engineer at both bachelor and master level. Giving him a valuable practical as well as scientific background. In business he is highly appreciated as commercially operating technologist, for over 20 years now. He is focused, reliable and with a strong sense of responsibility and with an eye for quality.

Defining and realising projects is one of his capacities. Searching for innovations in the market, with suppliers, end users, consultants and public actors is what drives him. It’s his ambition to bring water technology to a higher and more sustainable and social relevant level. Others characterise Rob as an energetic and passionate but realistic professional.