Specialised in water technology

Defining and realising solutions for water and wastewater treatment.


We are proud to be part of the Water Technology sector. A sector that provides top-quality water. Firstly, it is about production of drinking and process water of the highest standards. Secondly, it is about purification and reuse of wastewater. For us, all defined as applications of water technology.

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In the solutions applied we have our focus in making it as sustainable as possible. Against lowest possible cost or price. Keep it simple and robust. Optimise and debottlenecking of (existing) processes. Implementation of innovations if beneficiary. Worlds finest solutions applied. In the mindset of the circular and biobased economy. Safety first. Enjoy about water.

Closing the cycles

Application of the best (waste)water purification technology is needed. That to provide a sustainable supply of high quality water without burdening the environment. Closing of water cycles. Reusing or recycling of purified wastewater as direct as possible. Such to prevent dryness and deteriorating of water sources for drinking water production, vegetation and crops.

Together strong, smart and efficient

Water treatment solutions to become:

more sustainable,

more robust and easy to operate,

more cost efficient!

Connecting in Technology!

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WaterTP as your (interim) specialist, engineer, technologist

For example for defining your best treatment solution and needed budget. For managing the tender process. For selecting (turnkey) supplier(s). Such including the building period with detail engineering, testing and commissioning. Even including our standard service of the followup with review of operational data. All with the focus that you will really get what you want. That it works, with best operational performance!

highly affordable

free from corporate interest, from commercially driven solutions

we are independent

highly flexible

rapid deployment

giving you most reasonable benefits!